A pack of Vintage Farms Deli Loaf

Vintage Farms is a fictional brand of deli meat, as seen in the Energizer Bunny commercials.


In the commercial, two construction workers are seen sitting atop a skyscraper on their lunch break. The first one complains about how wimpy his sandwich is, and the second one tells him that he has Vintage Farms deli loaf in his lunch. He then tells him that Vintage Farms has real sliced meat chunks, until the Energizer Bunny interrupts the commercial by marching across the skyscraper. The bunny then falls off, but lands on a steel girder being lifted by a crane, much to the two workers' bewilderment.

Transcript Edit

CONSTRUCTION GUY 1: Another wimpy sandwich?

CONSTRUCTION GUY 2: Not me. I got Vintage Farms Deli Loaf. It's got real… (an Energizer Bunny interrupts the advertisement on an unconstructed skyscraper)

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