Studio Canaan
Location Japan

Type Animation studio

Featured in Shirobako

Studio Canaan is an animation studio featured in Shirobako. Tatsuya Ochiai leaves Musashino Animation to work at this studio.

Productions Edit

  • RoboPub: The Robot I Built is Having a Hard Time Because of Puberty

Appearances Edit

  • Ap-Shirobako Shirobako – "Idepon Miyamori Hatsudou-hen" (Episode 06) (mentioned)
  • Ap-Shirobako Shirobako – "Neko de Riteiku" (Episode 07) (mentioned)
  • Ap-Shirobako Shirobako – "Semeterun Janai Kara ne" (Episode 08) (mentioned)
  • Ap-Shirobako Shirobako – "Ekusodasu Kurisumasu" (Episode 12) (mentioned)

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