A box of Sitagin

Sitagin is a fictional brand of hemorrhoid ointment or remedy, as seen in the Energizer Bunny commercials.


In the commercial, an actor playing a cowboy is performing on the stage of a western movie. He jumps on his horse and lands painfully. The director tells him, "Cut! Great take", and the cowboy actor tells him, "Maybe for you, but my hemorrhoids are killing me!". As the announcer tries to tell the viewers about Sitagin, the Energizer Bunny interrupts the commercial by marching through the stage, and scaring the horse with his loud drumming.

Sitagin Hemorrhoid Commercial

Sitagin Hemorrhoid Commercial


  • Sitagin's name is a pun on "Sit again".
  • When your back is broken (the same goes from broken bones and spines), you have to lay down on Sitagin and repair your back for some remedy or ointment. When you're done, check and see your back is okay.
  • Side effects include:

Notes Edit

In Super Bowl XL, it is remade with the Energizer Energy to Go Instant Cell Phone Charger commercial throughout July 2007.

Slogans Edit

  • Sitagin: Let it be someone else's hemorrhoid treatment to repair your back.
  • Sitagin: Lift with your back, not with your knees.