Paddy's Irish Pub
Paddy's Pub Exterior
Location South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Type Pub

Featured in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Paddy's Irish Pub (often shortened to just Paddy's Pub) is a relatively unsuccessful Irish-themed pub featured in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Partially due to being in the southern section of Philadelphia, they tend to make barely over $100 on Saturdays, and it's employees often employ shady tactics and perform illegal tasks, whether on purpose or not.


Assuming that the history told is in fact truth, the bar had a direct role in the cracking of the Liberty Bell in 1776, then known as Patrick's Pub. Despite that patriots met in their bar (causing them to be referred to as the Liberty Bar amongst the British), they were loyal to the crown and sought to form a Declaration of Dependence, immediately after discovering that the forefathers were crafting America's Declaration of Independence. However, this declaration was seen as an adult image making fun of the King of England but they were given some leeway because the British Colonel Cricket wanted to woo Deandra the bar wench.

The revolution starts soon after, and the British die in large numbers after the guns that Franklin sold Colonel Cricket jammed. When he attempted to hide out in Patrick's Pub he was accidentally killed when Franklin shot him in he head. To try and escape responsibility for this, they put a jack-o-lantern on Cricket's body and sent him out on a horse, startling two men carrying the Liberty Bell by, causing them to drop it and leaving it cracked.



  • Charles "Charlie" Kelly -- employment with the bar assumed, only officially known to be Franklin's partner-in-crime
  • Deandra Reynolds, bar wench and supposed witch
  • Dennis Reynolds
  • Franklin, thief and possible owner of the bar
  • MacDonald


  • Charlie Kelly (Former co-owner, now does manual labor)
  • Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds AKA "The Aluminum Monster" (Bartender)
  • Dennis Reynolds (Co-owner)
  • Frank Reynolds (Captain of "The Gang", owns property half of the bar sits on)
  • Ronald "Mac" McDonald (Co-owner and "sheriff" of Paddy's)


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