Orbit Portal
Location Academy City, Japan

Type Space travel

Owners Ladylee Tangleroad

Featured in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Orbit Portal is a company specialized in space travel and aeronautics featured in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion. The company built Spaceplane Orion and the space elevator, Endymion.

Spaceplane Orion Edit

Spaceplane Orion is a plane that is able to go into space. The plane does not require launching sites. Spaceplane Orion was involved in an incident where the plane was sabotaged by the company's president in order to end her own life. All 88 passengers survived including the president, except for one crew member. People call this event the 'Miracle of 88'. The incident forced the company to leave the spaceflight industry.

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