Type Tool manufacturer

Featured in Doom 3

Mixom Corporation is a tool manufacturer featured in Doom 3 and seen in Rage.

Overview Edit

Mixom was a holder of several pressure seal patents used in space equipment and off-world colonies. The company sued its rival Moxim Corporation in 2145, claiming they were infringing upon their intellectual property. Moxim proceeded to file a counter-suit.

Appearances Edit

Doom 3 Edit

The Mixom Corporation was heavily involved in providing technology and equipment for the Union Aerospace Corporation's base on Mars. One rather unfortunate mistake led to them shipping several crates of Beavertooth chainsaws to Mars instead of the requisitioned jackhammers, with messy results.

Rage Edit

Several boxes in the game are labelled "MIXOM: Model A-2515". A Mixom building is seen in the Dead City. There are quite a few barrels found in different places labeled "Mixom". It also says MIXOM on the side of the gas tanks on the default buggy.

Products Edit

  • Beavertooth 30" Industrial Chainsaw

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