Ligamint Back Medicine

A box of Ligamint

Ligamint is a fictional brand of soothing mint jelly, as seen in the Energizer Bunny commercials.

Summary Edit

In the commercial, Dr. Chad Everett explains to the viewers that he's not a real doctor, but if he were, he would reccomend Ligamint for occasional muscle pain. Just then, the Energizer Bunny interrupts the commercial by marching on the table behind him, and through an X-ray machine, which X-rays his body.


  • Ligamint's name is a pun on ligament, a short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint.

Transcript Edit

Dr. Chad Everett: I'm not a real doctor. But if I were, I recommend Ligamint for occasional muscle pain… (an Energizer Bunny interrupts the ad in the office)

VO: Still going. Nothing outlasts the Energizer. (Energizer Bunny scans himself in X-ray version) They keep going, and going, and going...

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