Let's Potato Chips

Get your damn hands off my Let's!

Type Potato chips

Featured in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1,000 Ways to Die
Nicky Ricky Dicy and Dawn
2 Broke Girls
Arrested Development
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Chicago P.D.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Cougar Town
The Crazy Ones
Designated Survivor
Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Loves Raymond
The Flash
Gilmore Girls
Grey's Anatomy
How To Get Away With Murder
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Lazarus Effect
The Middle
The Mindy Project
Miss Guided
My Name is Earl
The New Adventures of Old Christine
New Girl
Jane the Virgin
Orange Is The New Black
Sons of Anarchy
Switched at Birth
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Trophy Wife
Ugly Betty
The Vampire Diaries
Drake and Josh
White Collar
Mr. Jakson’s Creepypasta Stories
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Cuphead’s Adventures

Let's Potato Chips is a brand of potato chip featured in TV shows such as Community, Orange Is The New Black, How To Get Away With Murder, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,”Marlon” and several others due to the use of a prop made by Independent Studio Service

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The brand is loosely based on Lay's and Utz. There are three flavors available; Natural, Bar-B-Que and Ranch. The brand also sells pretzels.

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Ap-Community Community – "Origins of Vampire Mythology" (S03E15) Edit

Dean Pelton brings a bag of Let's Potato Chips and a six pack of Jekyll Island Root Beer with him to Troy and Abed's apartment.

Ap-Community Community – "Ladders" (S06E01)Edit

Abed eats Let's Pretzels.

Ap-Community Community – "Basic Email Security" (S06E06) Edit

Seen in the background.

Ap-Community Community – "Economics of Marine Biology" (S04E07) Edit

Brita: Is there really that much money in this, Dean, or is it like that endorsement deal you made with Let's potato chips? Dean Pelton: If you don't like the crispy-licious taste of Let's, feel free to eat that other greasy brand.
Troy: *Eating a bag of Let's* Splingles? Not this guy.
Dean Pelton: Thank you, Troy young and hungry

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia- "Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy"(S12E03)

Seen eaten by members of the gang in the back office.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia- "Mac Day" (S9E05)

Seen eaten by members of the gang in the observatory.

The Last Man On Earth- "M.U.B.A.R." (S4E01)

Bag of the chips ripped up and used as a tanning sheet by Pamela.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- "AC/DC" (S2E20)

Boyle offers Peralta a bag of Let's Potato Chips.

Colony - "Company Man" (S2E5)

Charlie steals some supplies for the family, including Let's potato chips.

Designated Survivor - "Family Ties" (S2E7)

Damian is eating a bag of Let's, annoying Chuck during their investigation.

Undateable - "Leader of the Pack" (S1E6)

Brett is eating a bag of chips on the kitchen floor.

Community - "The Psychology of Letting Go" (S2E3)

Shirley eats a bag of Let's while talking to Jeff about his blood test. She positions them in front of the camera imitating product placement.

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