Location Springfield, USA

Type Convenience store

Featured in The Simpsons

Kwik-E-Mart is a convenience store chain featured in The Simpsons.

Overview Edit

The Kwik-E-Mart chain was started somewhere in the Himalayas, where the world's first convenience store still stands on a mountain peak. It is notorious for its high prices and the poor quality of its merchandise.

The Simpsons Edit

The Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield is run by Apu and Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon.

Real-world version Edit

In July 2007, convenience store chain 7-Eleven converted 11 of its stores in the United States and one in Canada into Kwik-E-Marts to promote The Simpsons Movie. These 12 locations, as well as the majority of other North American 7-Elevens, sold products found in The Simpsons, such as Buzz Cola, Krusty-O's, Squishees, pink frosted doughnuts and other Simpsons-themed merchandise.

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