J. Darby

A Darby man never says when.

Location Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

Type Scotch whiskey

Featured in Black Jesus
The Good Neighbor

J. Darby is a brand of Scotch whiskey made by Independent Studio Services featured in various TV series such as "Ray Donovan", Black Jesus, Community and Lost. The whiskey is distilled at Skadden & Darby Distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Appearances Edit

Ap-BlackJesus Black Jesus – "Never Say When" (S02E08) Edit

Lloyd becomes the spokesperson and promotional talent for J. Darby.

Ap-Community Community – "Ladders" (S06E01) Edit

Jeff is seen drinking this whiskey multiple times in this episode.

Ap-Community Community – "Basic Email Security" (S06E06) Edit

On the table during the press conference.

Ap-Community Community – "Advanced Safety Features" (S06E07) Edit

In Jeff's office.

Ap-Community Community – "Wedding Videography" (S06E12) Edit

In Annie, Abed and Britta's apartment.

Ap-LastManStanding Last Man Standing – "Rediscover America" (S04E03) Edit

Ed and Mike drink the whiskey by the fire.

Ap-Lost Lost – "Outlaws" (S01E16) Edit

Sawyer and Kate played a game of "I never" with 2 bottles of spirits Sawyer stole from the plane wreckage. One of these bottles was of J. Darby whiskey.

Ap-Lost Lost – "Live Together, Die Alone" (S02E23) Edit

Desmond drank a bottle of J. Darby bourbon whiskey as he contemplated suicide in the hatch.

Ap-Life Life – "Mirror Ball" (S02E14) Edit

Captain Tidwell pours his whiskey in the kitchen drain.

Ap-NCIS NCIS – "Better Angels" (S11E07) Edit

Ducky is drinking J. Darby.

Ap-NCIS NCIS – "Cabin Fever" (S12E15) Edit

Fornell has J. Darby in his cupholder when he is pulled over for drunk driving.

Ap-PrettyLittleLiars Pretty Little Liars – "Charlotte's Web" (S06E12) Edit

Ezra offers Aria some J. Darby.

Ap-RayDonovan Ray Donovan – "Come and Knock on Our Door" (S03E03) Edit

Ray brings a bottle of J. Darby when Terry is released from prison.

Ap-RayDonovan Ray Donovan – "Federal Boobie Inspector " (S04E04) Edit

Abby is drinking from a bottle of J. Darby at home at the end of the episode.

Goliath (S01E02)

Billy McBride is drinking from a bottle of J. Darby 15 at 5 min 7 at the beach.

The Vampire Diaries

Dead Man On Campus (S05E08)

Katherine Pierce steals a bottle of J. Darby from behind the bar of the Mystic Grill and proposes drinking it with Stefan Salvatore.

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