A box and bottle of Growzan before being knocked over by the Energizer Bunny

Growzan is a fictional brand of hair loss treatment, as seen in the Energizer Bunny commercials.


In the commercial, a man in a swimming pool explains to the viewers that he panicked when he first started losing his hair, showing a picture of what he looked like then. He then tells the viewers that when he heard about Growzan, he started using it, and it made his hair grow thicker than ever. Just then, the Energizer Bunny interrupts the commercial by swimming on his back in the pool, then knocking over a bottle of Growzan, causing it to spill onto the concrete surface.


  • Growzan is shown to have both its own fictional 1-800 number (1-866-GROWZAN), as well as its own fictional website, While both of these are defunct now, if the number was called back around the time the commercial first aired, the announcer would say, "Side effects include unsightly back mane, nasal moustache, toe fur." If the website was logged onto around the same time, a disclaimer on it would say, "Patients may experience slight tingling of the scalp followed by severe headaches and loss of memory."
  • Growzan is shown to be too effective, as it causes hair to sprout not just on the man's head, but also on his back when the excess spills, and even on the concrete pool surface when the Bunny knocks the bottle over.

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